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What Is It About Portraits?


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What Is It About Portraits?

David Anthony Geary

I make a lot of portraits in the grand scheme of all of the work I create. So what is it really that pulls me to them? That's something I have been asked countless times. Whether they are candid, posed, caught off guard, or selfies, there's something special about portraits that always brings me joy. 


There is an endless beauty to the ways a face can express. Since I have been in Miami i have been capturing portraits of all of the awesome and willing people I meet here. As a part of my practice I am creating a documentary library of my world through these portraits. There is an immedite intimacy that a portrait creates. That intimacy is a driving force for me. After the initial experience and capture of the image I spend tons of time looking and then choosing which ones will become Paintings or drawings. Which will remain as photographs or wich may spark something entirely new. 

 Sometimes I choose and sometimes I'm making portraits when I'm not even trying to.

Sometimes I choose and sometimes I'm making portraits when I'm not even trying to.

The conversations and connections are often what moves me to choose a subject. When I decide to work in color, that too is often influenced by our interaction. It's like a never-ending fountain of ideas that continues to feed itself. Come have a drink with me!