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Easy Like Sunday Morning My Ass

I have been up since 6am prepping for a full day!  Coffee Coffee Coffeeeeeeeeee 

                                                            My Agenda

Final Selections for My solo Exhibit on June 20th for which I have done little or no promotion (stop slacking David) It will be held at the William Hill Gallery  6442 South Dorchester Ave. Chicago IL.

Photo shoot for secret collaborative surprize for a show coming up in July and the a full evening of support for a dear friend stepping into a new place in thier life. By the end of this day I will Have runn around for 16hrs and shall collapse upon the floor like a sack of potatoes.  I would show you what that looks like but I have never actually taken a picture of a sack of potatoes so instead I will share one of my new monotyps from my series "Sticks and Stones" 


Sticks and Stones #1  

Sticks and Stones #1