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The Year of Collaboration

2015 is the year of collaboration. As a part of both my artistic and personal growth I have set on a path of collaboration. I have long seen the value of shared creativity, of shared ideas, of shared experience. Having spent so many years creating my work in solitude I felt it was time to tap into somthing greater than myself. I have always been the kind of person that plays well with others. Lately I have been told repeatedly that one of my gifts is to let people be themselves. to be comfortable in who they are in my presence. I want to create spaces where artists have the ability to let go of all of the inhibitions about their  creative process and others perceptions of the inclinatins they have during that process. 

Just do that shit!

Words I have repeated several times as I venture into the first of these collaborations with artist James Nelson. We are in the process of creating an entire body of collaborative work for an exhibition.

"Milk Honey Bread & Butter" 



There are more collaborations on the horizon! Keep an eye out.